About Samara

The Elegant Touch

Samara innovative designs are for Women, men and home decoration (Samara Style).

The designs are inspired by the wealth of Egyptian art and heritage and by the creative talented young Egyptians living in different communities all around Egypt, who aim to keep their heritage alive and glowing through their skilled handmanship.

Backed up by years of training and working with different materials that only the Egyptian environment produces, Samara managed to produce masterpieces unique in design and handmanship, reflecting the true Egyptian history, legends and culture.

Spreading the genuine Egyptian heritage and culture throughout the world, to elaborate its role in shaping the human civilisation, through fashion, art and handcraft.

  • Presenting the contemporary and ancient culture, from various communities in Egypt, through handcrafted artifacts.
  • Support the Egyptian communities in development and to achieve financial stability and independence through investing in their talents and art work.
  • Contribute in marketing efforts for Egypt as a unique touristic and cultural destination.
  • Widening the areas of fusion between various global cultures and heritages.
  • Genuineness and high quality products is the hallmark of Samara.
  • Innovation and excellence are the only ways to guarantee sustainability.
  • Creativity is the essence of uniqueness and through creative individuals’ communities develop and prosper.
  • Fulfilling social responsibility is one of the main pillars of corporate success.
  • Loyalty is an acquired feeling that nourishes on trust, dependability and reliability.